Frequently Asked Questions  


When will my order arrive?

  • UK orders will arrive within 2-5 working days from your order date. Please note there may be delays due to the current pandemic.  


I think my mail is lost - I haven't received my delivery yet?


    How can I prevent my pillowcase from staining?

    • Please sleep on your pillowcase with dry curls (not infused in greases or oils) this will prevent interaction with the pillowcases dye.

    • Place your pillowcase over a dark coloured cotton pillowcase to protect your pillow.

    • If you encounter a stain wash your pillowcase straight away.


      How often should I wash my satin items?

      • We recommend that you sleep on one side of your pillowcase one night and swap to the other side the next night. You can then do this for another two nights and wash. 

      How do I wash my pillowcases and bonnets?

      • Place in the washing machine separately, on a low heat silk wash setting and hang to air dry.

      • Alternatively, you can hand wash in a sink/basin with cool water with a silk wash product or sulphate shampoo. 


      What material are the pillowcases?

      • Polyester satin (super soft silky feel)


      Can I return/exchange my items?

      • We offer refunds on faulty/damaged items within 14 days of purchasing. Please contact us at crownedbyroyaltyy@gmail.com 

      • We offer exchanges on items that are still in the original packaging and not damaged. Please email us to make an exchange.


      How can I contact you?

      • Easy! Send us an email at crownedbyroyaltyy@gmail.com or on instagram.